Take yo picture like a snap a camera,
When I talk to you I stim n stamera,
Mystic like Chimera-ra
Oh shit am i scared a ya.
But I bring the battle quick and wet the litmus,
I light up the night when Chrismas gets vicious.
I insist this shit like i’mma your colon,
A boulder down the hill; don’t stop rollin’
Break mid sentence like a colon: Bleed out like a period.
Pause. Got that green like a Sylvian Kyratid.
I beat the beat like a petite peta
Fakin stories like my name be Rita Skeeta.
Fleeta on the track, but with perfect meter
sayn hella hellos like i’m a walmart greeter
So comfortable they call me sofa king.
stupid, i’m dumb like a tree king,
stuck in one place like are you freakin’

kidding me.
Oooh, praise to lil b.
speakin silly like a soliloquy
hold my hand like are you feelin’ me.
I just wanna b an r key.
Unlock the secret to you and me


You know me, you know I’m a control freak, who said you could die before me?

Makeout session + good rap music = a great time


gwen gave me a really cute dress my mom said is too short to wear out of the house

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imnot wearing makeup but ignore that
does this look too stupid and bad????

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Decided to fill in my eyebrows for the first time and I look like a different person???

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There was some really good lighting yesterday.

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"I told you there’s a hot mom" - a dude to another helping freshmen move in

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