bunnyonthelam said: Lmao your questions are fucking great; do you even know the capitol of Maine??

Why ask a question I know the answer to?

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1. Favorite comfort snack ever 
    - PB and Jelly sandwich with some choc chips
2. What’s your favorite weather?
   - Snow
3. Have you cried recently (is this too real idk)?
   - All the time my tearducts over produce it’s some genetic shit that just happens passively.
4.Would you rather be a dragon or a griffin?
  - Dragon, they look cooler imo
5. If you could be the protagonist of any story written for people under 14 who would you choose? (Basically YA fic ok)
  -Blues Clues? I loved dat show. Or Spiderman. Yeah, Spidey
6. Why are you so cute? (Pls give detailed response thx)
  - I can be really funny and like to laugh a lot!!! And when I put a flower in my hair and then have a bandanna on to keep it snug I feel happier!!
7. Do you like hot pockets??? (I’m eating one rn so I thought I’d ask)
  -They are okay but I’m usually not a picky eater so will eat anything
8. Do you have any piercings/tattoos?
 I’ll be getting a Boo on one arm and an Anarchist A wrapped in a heart with my bro’s time of death. The latter one will hopefully be this year.  
9. Give yourself a superpower that isn’t strength/invisibility/flight.
- Jake the Dog’s stretchiness is actually over powered as fuck. Plus like, he turns into a car, can slim down or stock up however he pleases like, damn.
10. Are leggings pants?
- I think so. At the very least wear whatever clothes you want.  
11. Why am I so cute? (Pls give detailed response thx)
You’re swaggy as fuck Mia! You rock whatever you wear and have a very heartfelt laugh and are sweet and funny and just a very cool person!!!

1. Favorite fictional character?
2. What’s the capital of Maine?
3. Where is your dream city?
4. Given your safety guaranteed what gigantic animal would you like to have as a best friend and pet (Bear, Lion, mythical shit, etc)? 
5. Favorite Pokémon?
6. What’s your favorite part about yourself?
7. Future pet name?
8. Who’s the rawest rapper?
9. Best thing to do with a group of friends?
10. Meow?
11. What street performer skill would you want to be a master at?

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Fuck the sad out of me

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legalize it; Mary Jane + Marry Gay


catch me w that kirkland signature ORGANIC LEMONADE

Dude juice is my life

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I’ve been sitting in just my towel ordering swimsuits after tanning naked for hours my life is a joke

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I wish I had like, a place to show off art be it recorded on screens and be a place to visit then I’d start making real modernist shit cause I fucking hate modern art but shit that makes me wanna do it more.

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Yo what’s allowed to be this loud?
Is it the cat on the prowl proud?
The wolf hearing a howl howled?
Or a suckah MC tryna be devout
To the game, I already blew it like bubbles,
I’m hearing wubbles and wobbles like I’m in mad trouble
A Shuckle shackled to sick silhouettes of a yesteryear,
It’s never clear like clouds from a pest are here.
I hear it, persevere it like a blowout and blast off like rocket.
Punch the time right in the 6, what a way to clock it.


So I chopped off the front longies from my hair and I kind of like it now yes.

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