the nerd wanted me to post this and it’s old but we both look cute so

i wanted y’all to post this cause it’s hella cute and I’m surprised you never posted it so THANK

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i went to spirit mountain for dinner the other day and i took some really nice selfies i never posted o kay

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Battle bot in a piss stanched rotten binary construct.
Cattle plot in a bliss ranch gotten dietary obstruct.
I encapsulate like a Pokéball and overcompensate for my Pokeyballs
Toke n drawl smoke n brawl. One enigma to fool them all. 
Playin’ volleyball I’m not rhyming just frontin’
like my chisai daigaku be up to sumtin’
Oooh sumimasen I have forgotten what I have botten.
My soul is theft for cheap like walk in shockin’.
Write in romanji like I act pretentious.
hisodesune like my tact presents this.
I spit shit like I’m a gigantic asshole.
I don’t care about you like I am an asshole.
I write the same stuff slightly modified.
But I still sound different I don’t homogenize.

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Ooooooo i love daniel so much

Meeeeee 2!

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alSO, pierced my septum 2dai and then went 2 red robin

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im going to miss being a lil beach bum all the time

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